Grid Geeks Podcast S2E5

What’s a DOE NOPR to do?

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This week, public comments were due on the DOE-created and now FERC-proposed rule to subsidize some out-of-the-money coal and nuclear plants in the name of fuel security and resilience. The comments tell us that outside of companies that mine coal or own merchant coal or nuclear power plants, opposition to the rule runs broad and deep.

Gavin Bade of Utility Dive, and Sonia Aggarwal and Robbie Orvis of Energy Innovation, join me to talk about the proposed rule, its significant deficiencies, and what we should focus on if we really want to try and improve grid resilience.

From today’s episode –

Utility Dive op-ed by DOE grid report author Alison Silverstein on what she would have recommended  

Gavin’s article on the pro-NOPR reliance on the Federal Power Act and a response

Energy Innovation paper: A Roadmap for Finding Flexibility in Wholesale Markets

Public Interest Organization NOPR comments on the proposed rule’s deficiencies

NRDC/Sustainable FERC NOPR comments on how to define resiliency

DOE NOPR Docket with all comment submissions (put “RM18-1” in the Docket Number field)