Grid Geeks Podcast S2E7

Hosting Capacity Analysis is the New Black.

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Hosting capacity analysis (HCA) is an emerging tool available to open up and more effectively engage in the integration of distributed energy resources. It involves analysis to assess the real-time ability of specific locations (circuits or even nodes) on the distribution system to manage DERs and the addition of DERs. Analysis coming from HCA modeling provides information to facilitate DER interconnection and planning.  

HCA potential is new. The modeling technology to support the effort is evolving and not standardized across the few states and utilities trying the tool on for size. As part of California’s distributed resources planning effort, the California Public Utility Commission convened an HCA working group to develop a method that utilities can use to engage in and use HCA analyses.

Sara Baldwin Auck, the regulatory program director at the Interstate Renewable Energy Council, and Sky Stanfield, senior counsel at Shute, Mihaly & Weinberger, join me to talk about HCA, lessons learned from the California and other experiences, and why we should all care about (and embrace!) the tool.

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IREC report on hosting capacity analysis (coming in December 2017)

IREC lessons learned on California’s hosting capacity analysis experience