Grid Geeks Podcast S2E8

Dispatches from the West and Good News All Around

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As we get close to the end of the calendar year and officially wrap up Season 2 of Grid Geeks, let’s talk about the good news in energy efficiency and renewable energy trends, and catch up on the state of affairs with wholesale market regionalization in the West. The economic tipping point for renewable energy is here. In addition to the ever-low cost energy efficiency, utility scale renewable energy represents the lowest-cost long term resource investment. And, cities and states around the country are filling in the federal vacuum with impressive commitments to decarbonize quickly. Environmental advocates find themselves comfortably advocating on behalf of free-market economics, while fossil interests are making up concepts like “on-site fuel security” to try and save their dinosaur power plants. Ralph Cavanagh of the Natural Resources Defense Council joins me to discuss trends observed in his organization’s Annual Energy Report – this year, America’s Clean Energy Revolution. He also shares an update on where market regionalization efforts stand in California and surrounding states.

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