Grid Geeks Podcast Episode 1: Renewables and Reliability

I’m happy to introduce my new podcast Grid Geeks (itunes or soundcloud), where I’ll be talking to energy policy thinkers about those esoteric electricity rules that will shape our energy future. My first guest is none other than John Moore (@cleanferc), director of the Sustainable FERC Project at Natural Resources Defense Council. He joins me to talk about renewables and reliability. And Rick Perry’s report. Because if you’re not talking about Rick Perry’s report, then what are you talking about, exactly!?

PS - Thanks to Adam Rubenstein (@adamrubenstein) for the great music (podcasts jingles aren’t exactly his sweet spot so I extra appreciate it). And, bear with me on the audio production. Learning as I go!

As mentioned on this episode:

-PJM Renewable Integration Study

-NERC Study on Distributed Energy Resources

-John Moore’s relevant blogs:

Energy Dept. Grid “Study”: Politics Trump Facts

Powering into the Future with Renewable, Reliable Power