Grid Geeks Podcast Episode 4

Transmission and Distribution System Coordination to Support DERs

What happens when a rooftop solar aggregator can’t deliver its power as committed to the wholesale market because it’s distribution utility’s line is out? What about when demand response customers participate in both utility demand management programs and wholesale markets and both make calls on their megawatts? As the amount of distributed energy resources or "DERs" on the distribution system grows, so does their impact on and interaction with the transmission system.

With help from the organization More than Smart, the California Independent System Operator, the state’s investor owned utilities, and competitive DER providers are leading the way in addressing operational issues that arise as DERs interconnected to the distribution system are engaging as resources with distribution utilities and wholesale grid operators.

This week, More than Smart’s Matthew Tisdale joins me to consider recommendations in the organization’s new report on operational issues that need to be addressed between the transmission and distribution systems to reliably facilitate a high DER future, and a framework for addressing those issues. The report’s working group (including CAISO, as well as PG&E, SCE and SDG&E) focus on communication and coordination as near-term steps to support a reliable and highly distributed electricity grid.

From this Episode:

Coordination of Transmission and Distribution Operations in a High Distributed Energy Resource Electric Grid, More than Smart.

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