Grid Geeks Podcast Episode 6

A Rooftop Solar Case Study - Net Metering in Utah


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Solar companies and advocates, utilities, and regulators in states around the country are struggling to determine workable rate design for customers with rooftop solar panels. Net metering - the program that in varying forms credits customers credits on their bills at the full retail rate they otherwise pay for electricity - is viewed by many as unsustainable. Rooftop solar companies and stakeholders supportive of their increased deployment are looking for durable alternatives, and are not so convinced the need to move away from net metering is imminent in many states.

In my home state of Utah, the investor-owned utility, Rocky Mountain Power, has proposed replacing its net metering program with a controversial rate design. My guests Travis Ritchie (Sierra Club), Rick Gilliam (VoteSolar) and Sophie Hayes (Utah Clean Energy) join me to talk about the issues specific to Utah and rooftop solar policies more broadly.

From this episode:

The Utah net metering docket at the Public Service Commission with thousands and thousands of pages of good reading.