Grid Geeks Podcast S3E3

Financing the Future

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It’s been a few months now since Congress passed federal tax reform that included a reduction in the corporate tax rate, the “base erosion and anti abuse tax" or BEAT provision, deprecation bonuses and more. Developers, offtakers, lenders and utilities have been scrambling to understand the impact of these changes on energy project financing. Now that we have a dash of solar module tariff and a threat of steel and aluminum tariffs to throw in, they continue to try and pin down this moving target of an investment landscape. As a policy wonk, I'm always trying to connect what's happening in reality, in the markets, to the policy landscape. Joining me today are John Marciano, partner and co-head of global project finance at Akin Gump, and Julian Torres, director of wind and solar tax equity partnerships at Royal Bank of Canada, who bring some light on where we stand in the world of renewables investment today.