Grid Geeks Podcast S5E2

What’s a Grid Planner to Do? 

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Consumer-driven distributed energy resources (DERs), such as energy efficiency, distributed generation, electric vehicles and energy storage, are on the rise and here to stay. In many places, DERs are shaping how the grid is operated, managed, and planned. On this episode of Grid Geeks, I speak with Chairman Betty Ann Kaneof the Public Service Commission of the District of Columbia and Lisa Schwartzwith the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory about how regulators, states and utilities are addressing DERs in distribution planning, what new tools and approaches are needed, and what challenges exist to planning the grid of the future, while optimizing DERs on the grid for performance, reliability and cost-effectiveness?

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Guest Bios:

Lisa Schwartz is the Deputy Leader of the Electricity Markets and Policy Group at Berkeley Lab. She manages the energy efficiency team, utility regulation projects, and technical assistance and training for states. Prior to working for Berkeley Lab, Lisa wore many hats, including serving as the Director of the Oregon Department of Energy, a senior associate at the Regulatory Assistance Project, and the Oregon Public Utility Commission.

Commissioner Betty Ann Kane is the Chairman of the Public Service Commission of the District of Columbia. She has served on the Commission since 2007 and is on her third term at the Commission. Before joining the Commission, she served as a Trustee and as Executive Director of the District of Columbia Retirement Board. She served four years as an At-Large member of the DC Board of Education, and was elected to three terms as an At-Large member of the City Council. Among many other roles and hats that she wears, she is also the current steering committee chair of the Mid-Atlantic Distributed Resources Initiative (MADRI).