Corporate Purchasing Strategy

For companies looking to get some portion of their electricity needs from wind or solar power, navigating the jargon alone can make it seem a near impossible task. We can support your company throughout the process – from education around the opportunity to identification of potential projects and clean energy developers to successful deal completion. We'll provide regulatory and business support from conception through ultimate resource ownership or power purchasing. 

Regulatory Affairs

Not all clean energy shops and advanced energy technology companies can support full-time government affairs’ teams. Whether the issue is before the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC), a state public utility commission, or a regional transmission operator (RTO) or independent system operator (ISO), we can be your eyes and ears (and lawyers).  

Policy Research and Analysis

If you’re wondering about the impacts of new or proposed energy policies on your work, or you are considering championing policies that might enhance your business or advocacy goals, we can do the background (and foreground) work for you. goodgrid has expertise in renewable and efficiency portfolios, rate design, community choice aggregation, PURPA, wholesale market rules and more. 

Business Model and Product Design Strategy

It’s true that a neighborhood full of smart meters or electric cars can provide valuable services to the electric grid, but figuring out what opportunities are available at the utility level or in existing wholesale markets requires some in-the-weeds regulatory and product design support. We speak PJM, CAISO, NYISO and more.